Client: Studenac
Industry: retail, e-grocery, online stores
Implemented products: e-commerce platform

Studenac is the largest retailer operating in Dalmatia and one of the 6 biggest retailers in Croatia.

The grocery chain has successfully opened more than 400 stores with most located along the Adriatic coast, on islands and in the hinterland. Studenac stores have an average selling space of 120 square meters.

Adopting e-commerce faster than ever.

COVID-19 has affected all businesses worldwide but especially those in the retail sector. Footfall to stores in many countries entirely vanished or been heavily restricted.

For Studenac, the outbreak had 2 impacts on their business. The first challenge involved a seamless realisation of Studenac business goals and maintaining operational continuity. The second, the customers of Croatian grocery network could not put their health in jeopardy while shopping and visiting physical locations.

Under these circumstances, Studenac e-commerce platform had to be implemented quickly and capably of supporting their essential requirements. Exorigo 360 had to turn a challenge into a meaningful change.

How to keep Studenac brick-and-mortars thriving with available features and technology?

Magento implementation within 3 weeks for Studenac business resilience.

Exorigo 360 carried out a quick analysis of business needs and project time limitations. Magento platform features offered the best possible choice for Studenac, dealing with high customer and sales volume. Top-of-the-line order process with ease of adding and removing items, mobile-friendliness and almost endless possibilities of customisation made us look no further.

We recommended a fast-to-market Magento e-commerce platform and found a way to adjust Studenac wireless brick-and-mortars. Studenac also agreed on click & collect solution, addressing the needs of both the network and their customers.

3 weeks

go-live deadline for Magento
e-commerce platform

Our e-commerce project was based on 4 crucial assumptions.

We had to take into account the following:

• Studenac online store should enable the purchase of hundreds essential products;

• Croatian and English language versions are a must;

• The efficiency of orders management should not compromise purchase safety;

• Magento e-commerce platform goes live within 3 weeks.

Hands-on online process and remote workshops not only for retail.

From start to finish, our development process – brief, Webex workshops and development briefings went entirely online. It proved there is ample opportunity for further e-commerce training for network employees.

Exorigo 360 teams deduced that not only large grocery networks but also the medium ones and other industries could be ready for fast-to-market e-commerce, be it pharmacy or home essentials. Whereas brick-and-mortar retailers get the power to open new safe and secure channels, medicine suppliers can carry out equally safe and secure urgent home delivery of medical supplies.

Safe, stable and scalable e-grocery platform. Traditional stores empowered to be fully autonomous.

The customers are free to request click & collect option aligned with social distancing policies. Being both adjustable and cutting down on delivery cost, click & collect is now a top choice. It revives Studenac brick-and-mortars. For the customers, it goes with a full control and minimal charges. They choose a preferable time and delivery location among the brick-and-mortars.

Studenac e-grocery Magento platform is not only safe and stable but also scalable. The list of items offered can be expanded in the future. The process can gain momentum with an increased number of store locations. Studenac grocery network is free to add additional language versions and develop the scope of customer communication channels (e.g. SMS messages).

The purchasing process is transparent and extraordinarily efficient for Studenac and the network’s customers. Every store maintains its autonomy, being able to manage product availability. Studenac stores respond in real-time to growing or falling demand for a given product in any localisation. Studenac brick-and-mortars can thrive in the digital world, maintaining their business continuity plan.