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Comfortable and pleasant shopping experience is the best way to build a profitable retail network. We create and implement activities that support your business in achieving this goal. And we help reach for more!


We build and integrate big e-commerce platforms using leading global technologies. We create mobile first DTC, B2B and B2C solutions. We are experts in omnichannel, advanced fulfilment.

We operate over 50 e-commerce platforms offering full development, hosting, and maintenance services including audit, analytics and pre- and post-production scale-up testing.

We design, develop and integrate bespoke direct to consumer fulfilment solutions which increase sales growth and efficiency.
AEM Cloud – Business Solutions Partner
Magento 2 – Certified Partner

Our clients

Consulting & Innovation 

We are a leader in multichannel retail ecosystem development. We design and integrate advanced business models, customer support and service solutions which enable consumer engagement:

  • Mobile
  • E commerce
  • In store
  • Human Hologram Mobile Communications
  • Automated Customer Service – Conversational Chatbots
  • Digital Display Solutions
  • SEO, Product Recommendation and Loyalty


Our lean-tech design approach is both thorough and agile. Our process puts users at the heart of the design process and takes the subjectivity out of creativity.

Defining business challenges, goals and simplifying processes

Solution Design / Wireframes / Tech stack

UX tests and UI design


Data collection and development 

Version 2.0

Development, Maintenance & Optimisation 

We are experts in integrating customer first sales channels, online and offline, with route to market infrastructure and innovative payment solutions.

We develop and integrate affiliate and classic marketplace solutions. We support data driven pricing analytics and promotions. We integrate intelligent, multichannel solutions which support purchase decisions at the shelf edge.


We transform data into information and then into knowledge. We integrate real-time data at every point of the customer journey.

We develop innovative solutions which support our customers in delivering high-performance growth objectives via a full 360 view approach:

Predictive Analytics

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing &
Text Mining

Full Digital Outsourcing

We are a trusted, reliable support and maintenance partner. We service over 200 clients. Our call centres handle hundreds of thousands of calls per year, and we have nearly 200 people working in our service and maintenance teams.

We cover 25 markets with our software implementations in the UK, Europe, America and Australia working with the leading international brands and regional players. We have an excellent track record of 24:7:365 reliability in maintaining and servicing critical processes.

We are accredited by the leading global payments organizations Visa, Mastercard, Elavon and Ingenico to the highest levels for our operating, standards, security and performance.

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