We are a leading domestic supplier in the field of remote, advanced IT services. We are characterized by a quick response time to the application, which is 60 minutes. This is enough for us to accept the order, assess the situation and start implementing the appropriate procedures. It takes us 24 hours to provide technical support so that our customers do not have to worry about the repair of the equipment.
Effective service
Let us provide our support very efficiently. We owe this to modern IT solutions used by our qualified experts. What's more, the price agreed with the customer remains unchanged, so he will not feel any additional costs. We work both remotely and stationary, so that we can react immediately and effectively to the notification. We exchange and monitor the equipment to be sure about its smooth operation.
We also remember about maintaining the security of data that is transmitted to us and which we generate. Our offer is based on SLA standards, which ensure high quality of system maintenance and support. They include initial arrangements, as well as ongoing monitoring of services and regular reporting as well as control of equipment performance and status.


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Servicing products

Service Desk

Service Desk is a dedicated, in company IT & device contact point which keeps your system up and running 24/7
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Data security

Working in the retail sector we understand the scope and importance of big data management and its security
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Data Center

Data Server Management Service which supports operational continuity
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