We are the leading nationwide provider of remote, advanced IT support services. Our solutions range from standard warranty support, to advanced RMA services and extensive software support packages. We deliver bespoke solutions for remote and hands-on support, an on-site engineer, enhanced advance replacement, premium restoration, hardware monitoring, and secure data transportation and destruction services, all supported with guaranteed SLAs.
Our services are provided by experienced engineers trained to the highest standards through OEM accreditation programmes or authorised support centres.
We work across the full IT lifecycle to provide advanced solution services which add even more value to your customers.

Dedicated engineers with rapid response times will work either remotely or on-site to resolve your problems – FAST! On-site engineers, together with an active help desk dedicated to first-class customer service.

Remote and onsite IT support for fast moving retail

1 Company, 1 Contact, 1 Solution

How often does your current IT support company blame something or someone else for a persistent problem? How many times do you have to wait hours, even days for your IT support firm to contact you or to diagnose a problem that you have? Exorigo360 Servicing has guaranteed response times of 60 minutes or less.

  • Advanced system support
  • 60-minute response
  • 24/7 back-up
100% guarantee

How much of a guarantee does your current IT support company provide you with? Is it a strict 100% guarantee on all of the work that they have done for you?

Fixed price support

Does your current IT support company offer you FIXED COST services? Or do you always ending up paying more than you first thought you would for a job to be completed? All of our work is guaranteed and at a FIXED PRICE. Allowing you to budget for any work that may need to be done ahead of time.

We talk in a language you can understand

Anytime you are in contact with a member of the Exorigo360 staff, we will do our best to help you resolve any issues you may have. This will be done quickly and effectively, but above all, there will be no technobabble. All our engineers will explain what they have done in simple, easy to understand terms.

Highly qualified, certified engineers

Computer Rescue engineers are qualified and are certified by Microsoft. When a Computer Rescue IT support engineer helps you with your problem, you can rest assured.

24/7 data monitoring

We closely monitor your company’s valuable data systems, allowing us to react quickly to resolve any issues when they happen, rather than you having to report the issue in the first place, saving valuable time.

Servicedesk360 – dedicated helpdesk

Need urgent support, right now? Immediately? No problem. We pride ourselves in having our helpdesk calls answered within 10 seconds. Our focus as a company is on ensuring we deliver the best customer service

Remote and on-site support

We offer a comprehensive range of IT support solutions to cover all computer issues. Dedicated engineers with rapid response times will work either remotely or on-site to resolve your issues – FAST!

Exorigo360 – adding value to service

Servicing products

Service Desk

Service Desk is a dedicated, in company IT & device contact point which keeps your system up and running 24/7
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Data security

Working in the retail sector we understand the scope and importance of big data management and its security
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Data Center

Data Server Management Service which supports operational continuity
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