From 25th May 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (RODO/GDPR) will be legally enforceable. Until that day, all Personal Data Controllers that function on the EU territory, including Poland, are obligated to standardise its organization to regulations’ constrains. EU data protection reform is among the other things, designed to increase the level of personal data protection, which obliges businesspeople that are processing data, a range of new duties and responsibilities. We prepare set of services dedicated to our Clients that will help with RODO/GDPR implementation, and lead controllers to compatibility with EU reform.

What sets us apart from others is understanding of retail and our clients business reality. We are able to prepare organisation to legal requirements with minimal involvement of our clients’ resources and keep the continuum of ongoing processes. We follow our client at every step related to making changes required by RODO/GDPR.


Comprehensive, multidimensional audit and stocktaking of data processing base of preparing firm to implement changes required to be compatible with RODO/GDPR. We offer wide range of propositions, which are dedicated to our clients:
  • Basic audit
  • Security audit compatible with ISO 27001/27002 standard
  • Physical security audit
  • IT systems compatibility audit (Technical backoffice/IT)
  • Processes/procedures/backoffice compatibility audit
  • Full audit (including all which are mentioned above)

We are offering you the outsourcing of Data Protection Officer and Data Protection Supervisor. Apart from DPO and Supervisors duties included in regulations, we also offer professional support, control and consultancy in terms of DPO/DPS functions. It helps to prepare the company for RODO/GDPR implementation.

Trainings and workshops

We aim to prepare our clients for different circumstances related to EU reform. Very successful method of delivering information are live trainings, during which our clients have a chance to increase their knowledge and confront it with practical situations in their organisations.

We allow not only to learn theory, but also to get practical experience and take part in discussions. Among the other things, we offer:
  • Workshops: Risk based approach (risk based approach and risk analysis)
  • Workshops: Personal data breach notification
  • GDPR/RODO trainings (dedicated to your own needs)
Penetration tests and new technologies
One of the products in our offer, that we highly recommend are penetration tests. That includes:
  • Systems
  • Services
  • Websites
  • Applications

Tests schedule includes typical examples of violations and susceptibilities related to personal data protection. RODO/GDPR, which also includes possibility of potential incompatibility with RODO/GDPR requirements.

We are aware of progression and meaning of innovative solutions. We offer services such as:
  • Support
  • Supervision
  • Consultancy

In terms of requirements placed at IT tools, in context of personal data protection regulations (including RODO/GDPR). We share our knowledge and experience with our clients, also on that ground.

Risk analysis tool

Due to our experience and risk based approach used in practice, we can deliver original solutions in case of risk analysis and prepare supporting tools for risk analysis process in their organisations. Our portfolio already contains original software, created to manage possible risk, which can be proceed in any organisation.

Complex implementations and preparing organisation to RODO/GDPR

Due to particular skills, which are included in Exorigo-Upos portfolio, we are able to approach comprehensively to personal data protection subject. Due to the fact, that we come from IT sector, we can perfectly operate on wide range of technological solutions.



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