Symphony EYC Gold

Symphony GOLD is an ERP II class system supporting enterprise resource management and planning. Includes solutions for enterprises operating in the retail sector. This product enjoys international recognition, as evidenced by its implementation in world's leading retailers.

• cost reduction and increased efficiency
• supports various organizations, both centralized, decentralized and franchised
• works in various sales channels (supermarkets, c-stores or websites)
• its effectiveness is independent of the type of products (it may be, among others, food, textiles, electrics / electronics, DIY)

• scalability and system mobility
• supply chain update based on statistical methods, data analysis, planning and forecasting
• the ability to work with the use of various devices
• full visibility of the supply chain

Symphony EYC Gold products

Assortment management and optimization

Symphony GOLD solutions help you deliver localized, space-aware assortments that are based on shopper behaviors and preferences
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Price management and optimization

Symphony GOLD enables retailers to define and implement policies as well as make price adjustments in any channel
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Supply chain

Symphony GOLD is a leading provider of supply chain solutions help retailers build customer trust by ensuring product availability
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Optimize retail operations

Symphony GOLD is providing a range of solutions which optimize operations, reduce cost-to-serve and increase service levels by providing unified control and visibility on a single, integrated platform
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