Euro Master Data Management (Euro MDM) is a solution that supports the process of managing the master data of a trade organization. The Euro MDM system helps to maintain and manage key data from the point of view of business processes.

• strategic and complete management of master data from one place
• integration and publication of data for all key systems participating in the organization's business processes
• cost optimization related to the efficiency of data management and reduction of time for managing data management from the user's side of the application
• risk minimization, based on increasing the security of access to data and processes related to the expansion and reconstruction of existing systems in the organization

Selected possibilities of data parameterization in the Euro MDM system:
• system users
• data controllers (parameterization of access, data dictionaries, structure of goods)
• users of the data entry team
• substantive users involved in data acceptance at individual stages of the worklfow process
• suppliers (entities involved in the procurement process). In the system, it is possible to define the subordination between suppliers
• hierarchical structure of goods
• dictionary attributes with the autocompleting option
• different levels of data availability
• attributes due when adding products / modifications
• conditionally conditional attributes - when creating a product, you do not need to complete them. At the next edition, they are marked as due to be entered
• dictionary fields that allow you to add data dynamically

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