Euro SCM

Euro SCM is an advanced system dedicated to supply management. It has its application in companies from the retail sector: large, international corporations conducting extensive procurement logistics and distribution network.

• management of the most important elements of retail trade, i.e. goods, purchases and distributions.
• control of the commodity database, which allows publishing information for other systems and business processes.
• optimization, automation and enhancement of the quality of collection and management of the entire product life cycle.
• supply chain management in both global and local areas.

Euro SCM contains three practical modules:
• Euro MDM ̶ managing the basic data of products from a simple article to a complex model together with a structure by, for example, sizes and sets.
• Euro POM ̶ support for the procurement process and the entire supply chain from the commercial contract, through all subsequent stages, to the control of the delivery of the goods to their destination.
• Euro IAS ̶ replenishing goods online, both in warehouses and retail outlets.

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