We are aware of the competitiveness that is characteristic to omnichannel solutions. In our activities, we rely on the customer's journey. The solution consists in matching the offer to the specific needs of consumers who are the addressees of this proposal. We do not focus on the entirety, we only think about their individual needs. We accompany them at every step of their shopping. The PIM we offer inspires both service providers and consumers, which allows us to build mutual trust and common experience on the way of sale and purchase.

Convenient access to services

Customers want to use services anywhere, anytime. Being aware of this, we propose solutions that are available both stationary and mobile. Fast integration with the consumer requires smooth acquisition of information. We help you keep up with these expectations. PIM operates multichannel, which allows for quick response and immediate response to new emerging needs. Integration with mobile channels is an option that meets the requirements of modern consumers often in a hurry.

Tailored to your needs

We believe in the effectiveness of the "scale as you grow" approach. It means successful matching of the offer to specific needs, which allows you to concentrate client on offer. We focus his attention with the help of visualization and providing the information needed in an interesting and natural way. We avoid banner blindness, which consists in transferring content in a way that literally forces the client to pay attention. We care about the interaction, which helps building positive relationships also on the retail level.


Exorigo360 – omnichannel PIM, delivered

PIM products

Symphony EYC Gold

GOLD provides centralised information management and offers significant cost reduction and potential for efficiency improvement
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Oracle EBS

An integrated ERP that covers the majority of the organisation’s business areas
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An innovative proprietary data warehouse and analytics tool which enables performance audit and planning
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Euro Global Stock

Property management system focused on optimising logistics efficiency and enabling high performance stock and inventory management
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Euro SCM

Logistics and stock delivery solution which manages rapid demand based stock and inventory management
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