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Master data management (MDM) is a vital part of your brand marketing stack. The customer journey has shifted from linear, brand-directed pathways to dynamic engagement that is now real-time, multi-stage, omnichannel, and increasingly driven by the consumer. Marketers lack the tools to consistently engage customers through this new journey, with internal data silos being a major block in most companies. This barrier can be lifted by providing a customer with great data that is always-on, always-updating, and continually available across all channels.

Integrating online and offline data – a big challenge

Integrating online and offline customer data is a substantial challenge because most marketing technology stacks were built piecemeal over time. For many companies, their marketing stack started with point solutions that excelled at doing one thing, like email, and then slowly added select functionalities or channels over time. This has led to a fragmented set of data, business processes, and decisions that are ill-coordinated and contribute to unsatisfactory customer outcomes.

Making the most of all data touchpoints across the business

Marketers need to adopt an open, cross business approach that enables them to integrate data across silos and orchestrate engagement from a unified customer view. Customers have come to expect a seamless, frictionless experience as they engage with brands throughout their journey and across all touchpoints. To effectively meet this need, marketers need to adopt an open-garden approach that enables them to integrate data across silos and orchestrate engagement from that unified customer view without the extensive re-platforming, that’s often required with a traditional marketing cloud.

Powering peak performance

MDM supports peak performance delivery. While the term master data management has been around for a while, many solutions are onerous to implement, time consuming, or complicated to use, and still result in too many data errors. The key to a good master data platform is putting the control over data into the hands of the business. MDMs should automate all data quality tasks to free up data stewards for more strategic tasks, and make data immediately available to business applications and users.

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MDM products

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Property management system focused on optimising logistics efficiency and enabling high performance stock and inventory management
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