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E-commerce and omnichannel retailing are having a big impact on supply chain and logistics needs. With the rapid switch to omnichannel, driven by today’s increasingly mobile customers, retailers have to make sure their supply chain is equipped to offer maximum flexibility. They are demanding transport acceleration, transport postponement, and effective and sufficient inventory levels. They want last mile distribution (to the end-customer) and digital visibility along the entire integrated supply chain.

Fast trucks, slow costs

For logistics providers, the right balance between speed, costs, and balanced inventory levels is the key to success. They have to offer a fully integrated management solution by providing value-added services like quality control, labelling, reconditioning, packaging, and co-packaging, as well as multi-vendor and multi-country consolidation. Retailers need global transport solutions (across all transport modes and in accordance with specific needs), customs clearance, distribution centre operation, final mile deliveries into retail outlets, and direct to end-users and fully mobile best-in-class supply chain solutions for the retail industry.

Fast-moving logistics for fast-growing retail

Fast-moving logistics solutions are increasingly sector specific. The requirements for fashion and home improvement are different and details are critical. Facilities may be dedicated to receiving airfreight shipments within a specific environment, importantly offering customer centric solutions:

  • Garments on hangers
  • Attention on care and security
  • Personalised delivery and return options
Supporting global networks

Logistics providers with a global presence and reach have a big advantage. One market, multi-market, go-global – logistics operators play a key role in a company’s international development. Sourcing in the Far East and in local markets, selling in home and international markets, offline, online, and in both. Exorigo360 powers logistics operators to enable them to deliver the retailer’s vision of a full 360-degree customer experience. At Exorigo360 we understand end-to-end logistics for today’s fast-moving retail industry and we are experts at making it all happen.

Exorigo360 – supporting logistics networks which click, ship and collect.

logistics products

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Euro SCM

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