We provide you with a range of options which aim to give you a great marketing advantage. You choose, we deliver.

Fulfillment can provide you with a significant marketing advantage. In an omnichannel world, the customer lets you know where they want their product to be delivered and it’s got to be fast. International, cross-border deliveries are the norm and logistics partners are expected to manage the pain. Key components of today’s ideal fulfilment solutions are:

  • Supports 360-degree retail
  • Guaranteed fulfilment slots
  • Manages the “last mile”

Retailers are looking for a fully optimised customer on-boarding solution, which supports full 360-degree, data-led, e-commerce fulfilment. Solutions are expected to be fully enabled with advanced promotion and customer loyalty solutions and come with 360-degree fulfilment provider integration.

360 fulfilment – at the centre of today’s digital delivery

Manage your multi-outlet, multi-country business fulfilment from one central e-commerce platform.

Pure play or hybrid – fully optimised e-commerce

Whether global market expansion or bricks-and-mortar expansion, we work with you to create advanced digital store networks which accelerate your growth and deliver on the bottom line.

Multichannel platform on-boarding

Unify all of your sales channels into a single retail management platform, so you can provide a high-quality customer experience. Inspire customers with trust wherever they buy from, optimise campaigning capability, and increase order volumes.

360 Fulfilment – personally delivered

Easy and with low cost implementation support with PIM, Multichannel and Marketplace business models. We offer a fully outsourced advanced e-commerce solution, which is fully integrated with 360 fulfilment, supply chain and returns management.

Exorigo360 – actively managing the ‘last mile’
  • Guaranteed delivery slots
  • Personalized, secure delivery
  • Optimized costs
  • Peer-to-peer platforming
Exorigo360 – click, collect all correct – deliveries that matter

Fulfilment products

Symphony EYC Gold

GOLD provides centralised information management and offers significant cost reduction and potential for efficiency improvement
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Oracle EBS

An integrated ERP that covers the majority of the organisation’s business areas
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An innovative proprietary data warehouse and analytics tool which enables performance audit and planning
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Euro Global Stock

Property management system focused on optimising logistics efficiency and enabling high performance stock and inventory management
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Euro SCM

Logistics and stock delivery solution which manages rapid demand based stock and inventory management
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