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For today’s fast moving omnichannel retail, ERP systems have never been so important. Even SMEs are getting to grips with omnichannel and are looking at ways to cope with their rapidly growing business operations. Regardless of the size and sector of your business, ERP is what keeps your company going. ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning” and is a term that refers to software solutions used to manage information more efficiently throughout a company and its operations. ERP solutions are business growth critical and are vital for delivering the performance metrics you set for your business. What does your ERP solution need to deliver?

Single view – great cross department, business critical communications

No longer will the shipping department have to notify accounting or sales each time they dispatch a product. No more unrealistic lead times promised to your customers!

  • Bring together entire company data into a unified system, allowing all departments to share a common vision and coordinate in real time
  • Get a fully integrated modern solution which creates greater communication and collaboration between all departments, partners, and customers
  • Collect all critical information into a single system so employees have access to the data they need, when they need it
Data reliability powers high performance

Data accuracy is critical for high performance, multi-outlet retail. A single integrated application and a single database means the quality, integrity, and accessibility of the data is second to none.

  • Easy access to accurate, timely, and relevant information which enables you to take quick and informed business decisions
  • Better planning of end to end inventory – from source to store and more
  • Gain control over inventory replenishment, ensuring that you have enough on-hand to meet anticipated orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum
Customer-centric efficiency

Access to accurate data has never been so quick. The availability of information in a user friendly way allows businesses to be more responsive and to keep up with fast-moving markets.

  • 360-degree business-wide visibility – pinpoint which product, which area of production, or which department is saving on costs or is behind
  • Create a “critical path” – a predictive, proactive way of helping to ensure targets are met. ERP delivers increased efficiencies and cost-savings.
  • In today’s omnichannel markets, ERP provides the agility you need to respond quickly
Improved financial reporting across the business

Enabling a 360-degree view of your company’s data will support increases in performance and help customise and improve your reporting capability. Gone are the days of the spread sheet, which was not only a time-consuming process but also prone to human errors and getting misplaced:

  • ERP systems eliminate manual processes and duplication of efforts, with seamless integration of financials with e-commerce
  • Automated billing and invoice generation from sales order at the click of a button
  • Manage intricate cost and spend decisions across the LTV lifecycle
Staying connected wherever you are

With an emerging one-space retail, driven by the merging of online and offline, facilitated by mobile, apps, and other smart devices, it is essential to stay up to date with current trends. As newer technologies keep emerging, you may be missing a lot of great features with your existing ERP system.

  • The latest buzz is “mobile ERP integration”
  • As companies and their staff are becoming more decentralised, newer ERP software provides mobile functionality so that you can stay connected and well-informed on your business process and performance at all times
  • Staying connected 24/7 in a mobile way
ERP keeps your business on track

In conclusion, ERP systems build your competitive advantage. Not only will it help you understand the market demand and respond to it in real-time, opening doors to a better customer service, but it will also enable you to take well-informed business decisions, optimise costs, improve efficiencies, and facilitate business growth. In the end you need to be confident that the money you invest will pay back in improved performance and growth.

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