Session Stitching

In today’s retail world the data is the most important factor you need to build your strategy on. You need to have the data and act on it to be able to define your customers. And that data, used in an informative way, can not only tell you who is going to use your e-commerce website or your app but it will also tell you when and what they are going to buy, how they are going to pay for it, how they will want it delivered. This is very much a two-way street. Of course you want to have the latest technology available for your customers, of course you want to give them all tools necessary for them to be comfortable while shopping with you. But there are a few questions that need to be answered while you attend to your customers’ needs. Most important is: how do you connect all the dots to give yourself a full picture of your customers and their shopping habits to be able to provide them with all necessities to make their shopping experience a great one? The issue that you might find, as many retailers do, is how to add up the traffic created on mobile to the one on desktop devices. Is the mobile app/website really working? Or is it still too early to focus on mobile and you should stick to your e-commerce website? These issues can be resolved by session stitching.

The same customer might be coming to you from many devices. They might browse your website during their morning commute and buy later that day on their desktop at home or work. What is important is for the retailer to recognise that and act on the facts given by the data. In order to do so the retailers need to learn and recognise their customers’ decision making process. Session stitching allows you to track users across various channels to group those sessions or visits using a combination of digital fingerprinting and behavioural analysis to give you the bigger and clearer picture to act on.


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