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Currently, we use mobile devices more often than desktop computers. This is probably due to the increasing popularity of this option, which provides a convenient connection to the internet at any place and time. There are also more and more service providers who see marketing potential in this.

Optimizing consumer travel
The introduction of mobile solutions does not discredit stationary stores and does not lower their value. However, it opens the business to new solutions and allows the use of new media. Undoubtedly, online stores are an unknown source of information about consumers. Shopping mapping allows you to observe what exactly a person is looking for. Clicks therefore have a value that can be used when creating marketing campaigns. Understanding new methods of shopping allows you to implement them on all communication channels, which further improves the system introduced.
The basis for the provider's activities is to establish contact with the customer. It is necessary to look at the whole shopping process. This means that we do not only analyze what and why he bought. We also wonder why it gives up the given product and the content added earlier is removed from the basket. Not all providers look at these issues so widely.
We are aware that the introduction of mobile strategies requires many changes and proper adaptation of the store to the proposed realities. That is why we help introduce organizational changes in a flexible way, i.e. minimally invasive. We do not slow down the development of the company, we only act in a thoughtful way so that the next stages of our work do not affect the functioning of the service provider.

A combination of different surfaces
We believe in the possibility of integrating the online and offline zones. These environments have a lot in common. They operate on different levels, but they effectively increase the amount of information about clients. Instead of giving up one of the solutions, we propose the maximum integration of various channels that are conducive to the development of sales.


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