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  • By 2020 there will be 6 billion smartphone users in the world, many with cookies
  • As many as 82% of global consumers check information about a product on their mobile before buying it in a physical store
  • Already more than one third of online purchases happen on mobile devices

It’s not only millennials and generation zen who use mobile devices to shop. People love taking their mobile shopping. But are retailers making the most of the mobile shopping journey? Mobile is the critical link which drives omnichannel retail from research to promotion, to buying online:

  • Target your potential customers wherever they are
  • Promotional campaigning across all touchpoints
  • We’re living in an age of single-space retail where online and offline are merging
The multi-mobile growth opportunity

Putting the customer journey before device type to deliver a greater customer experience:

  • Understand the customer journey – what is best for the customer?
  • Create a seamless journey across all channels
  • Mapping out shoppers’ purchasing journeys – how products attract different shopping behaviours

Delivering the multi mobile channel experience with value:

  • Unlocking and delivering value from existing information
  • Delivering a personal experience to every retailer
  • Customer centricity, multi-mobile channel, mobility, operational efficiencies – are they still the focus?

You can optimise your customers' experience with  full multi-mobile channel and information-aligned strategies. It’s all about making every moment count – fulfilling customers’ wants and needs instantaneously online:

  • Understanding, delivering on, and measuring the moments customers are using their devices
  • The key to a winning multi-mobile channel strategy
  • Understanding the latest purchase pathways
  • The quantifiable relationship between online research and offline purchase
  • Showcasing how brands are innovating and succeeding so you can win in the moments that matter

Successful mobile strategies require deep organisational change. We understand, however, you need to keep the business growing during your multi-mobile channel transformation:

  • Multi-mobile channel seamless experience – the road to achieving process and technology and the associated difficulties
  • Flexible systems which can adapt to new customer experience tools and innovations – how to decide which to choose and invest in
  • New solutions outpace the legacy systems – maintaining flexible grow
  • Delivering large-scale transformation while the business evolves in parallel
Multi-mobile channel – technology or philosophy?
  • Mobile – a way of operating and a way of thinking that is enabled by technology
  • Why is the customer experience online not typically replicated in the physical store? What can be done about it?
  • Engaging with customers in store – tracking in-store bounces and basket abandonment
  • '360-degree, single view of customers' – what customers want is a single view of a business
  • One-space retail – linking up the digital and physical worlds, self-service kiosks, or staff with mobile technology increases service levels on the sales floor
Mobile drives personalisation

Investing in big data to understand your customers and managing personalisation at scale to make broad, diversified sites more relevant to a large group of customers:

  • How to join data across all channels rather than silos of data – a unified journey for the customer
  • True personalisation for customers and CRM
  • Big data – a one-view customer approach
New trends in technical innovation

Which opportunities hold the key to unlocking the full potential of multi-mobile channel retailing. How will this impact how you design your technology roadmap?

  • Introducing new technology to stores – beacons, tablets, etc.
  • In-store ordering and functionality
  • Keeping up with new and emerging technologies – success and failures
  • Wearable technology

Across the whole spectrum of your approach to mobile, it is critical to respond to changing customer behaviour with developments in mobile engagement, linking touch points in the customer journey across devices:

  • Identifying an optimal mix of touch points by device type
  • Optimising your marketing mix to take advantage of multi-device behaviour
  • Converting mobile opportunities to grow sales
  • Maximising growth opportunities with the latest mobile technology
  • Mobile payments and security concerns
  • The role of mobile in connecting channels – the nexus between offline and online
  • Mobile-first websites
  • Display signage and campaigning – the best use for mobile
  • Mobile apps and retention struggles
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