EuroCard Loyalty Plus (ELP)

The EuroCard Loyalty Plus solution is an advanced loyalty system that allows you to effectively build lasting relationships between the entrepreneur and the customer. This translates into increased frequency of visits and increased turnover. At the same time, the loyalty system is a mechanism that collects customer data, which allows for constant improvement and adjustment of the offer to the needs of customers.

• ergonomics of service
• full integration with the EuroPOS cash register system, no additional devices
• wide possibilities of defining the promotion using the appropriate system
• accurate reporting
• history of transactions
• authorization in the installment system prior to granting a rebate
• check the amount of online limits granted
• the ability to immediately block the card (loss, theft)

• implementation of point promotions
• implementation of promotions granting rebates based on meeting certain conditions depending on the client (belonging to a particular segment), differentiation of the size, frequency and method of granting discounts and awarding points
• possible integration with external loyalty systems, eg Payback
• possible integration with other modules, which will allow you to combine the functionality of both systems (vouchers, promotions, etc.)

EuroCard Loyalty Plus has become the basis for creating several solutions conducive to building lasting relationships with clients and employees:
• EuroCard CDC (Customer Discount Card) - rebate card, rebates for customers, rebate card with user identification
• EuroCarda EDC (Employee Discount Card) - employee card, rebates for employees based on the system of limits (in groups or individually), the limit is renewable with the possibility of transferring the unused amount to subsequent settlement periods
• EuroCard DGC (Digital Gift Card) - electronic purse, implementation of the electronic wallet function, in which the user deposits money for which he can make purchases in the store
• EuroCard DDC (Digital Discount Card) - a promotional, anonymous card with a discount limit. Is issued to potential clients before the marketing campaign. It authorizes you to get a discount up to a certain limit amount.

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