Loyalty & Promotions

We are experts at creating personalised customer journeys that make the difference and retain customers in a digital world. The challenge retailers face today is engaging customers to come back, again and again, in a highly competitive omnichannel environment:

  • Acquiring new customers is between five-to-25-times more expensive than retaining the ones that already know your brand
  • Highly-engaged customers buy 90% more often and spend 60% more per transaction
  • 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated
Getting really personal

Personalised loyalty plays a big role in supporting purchase decisions and repeat buying:

  • Boost your image through connecting with your customers through personalised loyalty programs
  • Design personalised offers based around purchase loyalty
  • Increase your sales through personalised offers and special deals that your customer will appreciate
Big impact loyalty

We specialise in making loyalty really work for you:

  • Gather data on your customers and what they want
  • Get to know your audience, through creative analytics and customer stratification
  • Prepare an offer that you know will engage
Advanced loyalty solutions at your service
  • Intelligent analytics
  • Services automation
  • Personalisation and great customer journeys
  • High-performance apps
  • Customer-centric technology optimisation
Exorigo360 – loyalty solutions that engage again and again

Loyalty & Promotions products


EuroPOS is a modern, flexible, multi-module cash system that allows sales of goods and services.
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Price Check (EPC)

In store price management system which networks POS, weighing machines and price check points.
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Information Kiosk is a high-quality, compact device that will facilitate the communication with the customer in any location of services and trade
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NetTickIT® provides smart in-store signage to retailers across the world, delivering high impact tickets across paper and digital formats
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EFT EuroCard

Innovative in store card authorisation approval system
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Fiscal Printers

Our fiscal printers have built a solid reputation as the most reliable devices in the market for over twenty years
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EuroCard Loyalty Plus (ELP)

An innovative, advanced customer loyalty system that offers excellent retention capability based on precision data analytics
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