Real Time Analyzer (RTA)

Business processes play a key role in the retail industry. They are the foundation of the smooth functioning of the company. Real Time Analyzer is a Business Intelligence class solution that supports control over the processes occurring in it. The system is based on tools from the Oracle Business Intelligence package.

• company management has access to all key information from anywhere in the world thanks to system integration with mobile devices such as Blackberry, MDA, Smartphone
• thanks to constant access to cross-sectional analyzes and proactive control mechanisms, the system initiates solutions that help the company overtake the competition
• the system prepares knowledge allowing for accurate and justified decision making
• implementation of the Business Intelligence system is limited to the parameterization of the solution, as the RTA contains a set of good practices for adaptation in the enterprise

• easy integration with any data sources
• a wide range and a large amount of personal data
• Algorithms of composing and decomposing data maintain their consistency at every level
• Central management interfaces (can be run in any field)


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