We use modern technologies to predict the effectiveness of planned strategies. Our experts deal with accurate analysis of data and statistics that inform about current trends in the industry. The information obtained is used to determine consumer preferences and their potential needs. We help control sales, which will translate into later results. Our advanced analytical systems allow you to predict further business development. To achieve this goal, we take advantage of the opportunities offered by mobile channels.

Practical use of data
In the internet era, there is no shortage of valuable sources of information that we can use. The databases on which we base our activities are legal and fully secure. They allow you to determine if the provider is fully using the capabilities of his e-commerce platform. We will indicate which areas and means of communication can still be used to build an effective business strategy.
Omnichannel is based on data. They allow to broaden the horizons of activities in an effective manner, which will result in increased sales. Proposed by advanced systems provide insight into system performance. Both past, present and forecast. A full set of information from verified sources is a reliable foundation for building the entire project.

A wide range of possibilities
The analytical solutions we offer allow us to achieve many benefits at various levels. We optimize sales in a stationary store thanks to a well-planned mobile strategy. We also deal with matching payment methods that will suit consumers' preferences. We improve the functioning of sales channels based on awareness of changes in a given industry. We increase the efficiency of supply chains and chain stores, thanks to which we drive sales. We believe that the basics are important, which is why we achieve success.


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Analytics products

Real Time Analyzer (RTA)

Real Time Analyzer (ERTA) is a Business Intelligence solution that consolidates, analyses and enables management information trending based on in store real time data
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