We offer mobile, full stack, and predictive solutions using the most advanced technologies. We enable you to take full control of the future performance of your business. We’re passionate about data modelling and prediction – we’re a multicultural, multilateral group of data nerds, who know what it takes to make your business perform. We collect, structure, process, and analyse data in a way that provides you the information you need to run your business in today’s mobile world. We’re really geeky about visual graphics and illustrating the data you want to see on your mobile phone. We dig, develop, datify, and predict.

But it’s not just about being data nerds and visual geeks. Our love affair with numbers is much more than that. We’re passionate about 360-degree customer insights, how we use data to think and plan for the future, predicting what you’re going to do next, and how we’re going to get there together. In order to predict the future and help you execute high performance business objectives, we blend:

  • Social, online, and offline numbers
  • Pricing with real time dynamics
  • Media and business performance measurement
  • Production, performance, and promotional trends
Data-digging in an omnichannel world

Customers don’t think about channels. They want to shop with their tablet, mobile, or in store and they expect the same seamless service wherever they are. We’re in a fast changing world. The multichannel millennial shopper is pushing to merge shop with online and is demanding a true ‘anytime, anywhere’ experience. Retailers are faced with a great opportunity yet at the same time a big threat to their sales, customer loyalty, and brand. Is your IT platform an opportunity or a threat and are you using data for maximum impact? We help you:              

  • Know who is visiting your store
  • Get the most out of bricks-and-mortar
  • Optimise sales through your existing retail network
  • Understand the power of footfall
  • Predict the power of omnichannel

Act on fact. Focus on the future. You want to be in control of the big picture and the details that matter. You would like to be able to forecast the growth of the different parts of your business. Having a grip on business today creates opportunity for tomorrow. Our advanced data systems can give you clear insight into your performance, now and in the future – anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Working together with you we can predict:

  • How to define the right assortment mix – premium or value? Branded or own label?
  • Where to place products to sell more
  • Where to use multichannel for maximum impact
We also help you with:
  • Developing the right mobile strategy to optimize in store
  • Click-and-collect, click-and-shop, or click-and-drop
  • Cross-channel fulfilment to maximise supply chains and store networks
  • Identifying what type of customer prefers mobile and what products they prefer to buy online
  • Finding what are the best payment solutions for each channel and how they should be integrated
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