We believe the most important aspect of the user experience (UX) is how it works in the real world, so we study our projects. We analyse the heat maps, investigate the behaviour of real users, which allows us to continually improve your business online. Our projects are effective and functional.

We focus on mobile. There are more than 2.3 billion smartphone users in the world – more than the number of PC users. That's why we think about UX from mobile perspective – for example, we know people like to add products to their 'favourites' on their mobile and finalise their purchases on the PC.

We talk to end users of our applications to obtain feedback, which helps us simplify the functions as much as possible while preserving the essence of the action.

We believe people remember how you make them feel. You have seven seconds to make the user interested in your product and we do everything to help you achieve it.

UX products

Central Advertising Management (CZR)

CZR system centralizes the management of the display of banners and animations at cash desks.
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Euro CRM

Customer Loyalty Programme Management System in the consumer retail sector - FMCG, finance and hospitality.
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Central Promotion Management (Euro CZP)

The Central Promotion Management System supports the management process of defining different types of promotional strategies
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