Central Promotion Management (Euro CZP)

The customer always pays attention to personalized offers that are accompanied by additional benefits. Central Promotion Management supports the process of defining various promotional strategies. It allows flexible adaptation to the needs of consumers. It is applicable in various formats of commercial establishments.

• central administration and defining promotions within the entire chain of stores
• automatic synchronization of the promotion definition with the cash system
• easy division of definitions and differentiation of promotions, eg with division into regions, types of stores, etc.
• control of planned promotions and protection against unplanned discounts (assuming several promotions for the same product and consequent multiple rebates)
• great versatility, the ability to define many types of promotions
• reporting of changes and their control

Defining a promotion depends on several factors, such as:
• purchase amount
• use of the card code, coupon, voucher, etc.
• purchase of specific goods in a specific quantity
• granting discounts on goods, commodity groups, baskets of goods with service of substitutes, etc.
• awarding a prize in the form of a coupon printout, a voucher
• use of a specific payment
• affiliation to a specific customer segment

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